Why do we have Ear Wax?

25 July 2017

We have some answers for you

By Jane

What is ear wax?
  • Cerumen and sebaceous glands inside the ear canal are responsible for the oil-like fluid. They mix together, forming a liquid cerumen. This liquid then hardens and blends with hairs and skin flakes to become ear wax. 
  • Ear wax is influenced by cultural differences, genetics, climate, stress, environment, diet, hormones, and age.
  • Eczema in the ear dries ear wax out, making the wax dryer and harder. 
Why do we have ear wax?
  • Ear wax assists in preventing an ear infection.
  • It moisturises the ear canal.
    It traps dust and dirt.
  • But approximately 10% of the population make excessive ear wax. So when a person makes too much wax, they need their ears cleaned. The safest and most efficient way to remove ear wax is microsuction!
Why Microsuction at the Ear Hygiene Clinic?
  • It's SAFE, it's THOROUGH and it WORKS!
  • Everybody's ears are different. Everybody has different ear shape, and the left ear can be different from the right ear. 
  • Everybody makes a different type of wax, i.e. soft, dry or hard wax.
  • The gentle microscope and suction technique allows a nurse to see what see is doing at all times. This means the any ear cleaning can be adapted to each person's ear canal and type of wax. 
Children's Ear Cleaning
  • Although young children don't usually have hearing problems, many children do still make too much ear wax.
  • Due to this, a child may have a distracting sore ear, or be unable to hear well. 
  • These issues can lead to a child missing important milestones, with an impact on social, behavioural, and educational aspects of their development. 
  • Some children grow out of excessive wax production once they reach adolescence. 
  • We find the best way to treat our younger patients is to make ear cleaning a game!
Odd Objects in Ears!
  • This can happen to any age - whether it be a child putting something in their ear, a hearing aid plug stuck inside the ear, or cotton bud tips!
  • We have even retrieved a moth from an ear!
  • Our nurses have found lots of items in peoples ears.
  • See our "Trophy Jar" below for a few examples of what has been removed from ears of all ages!
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