Ear Hygiene Clinic Study Day

02 September 2020
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Study Day 2020

Every two years, the Ear Hygiene Clinic nurses join ear nurses around the country for the national ORL Nurses Conference, which our nurse Jane is on the organising committee for.

In classic 2020 style, the conference has been postponed for the year and the venue we usually attend is being used as a managed isolation hotel, so we instead organised our own Ear Hygiene Clinic Study Day at our Ferrymead premises, with each nurse choosing an ear-related topic to research and present to the group. 

We also had Rebekah Miller from Balance Works (who we refer some clients to) join us for her presentation on balance techniques.

It was fantastic to see the Ear Hygiene Clinic team commit to weeks of research and a fun day of focused learning!

Topics covered were:

  • Balance techniques.

  • Meniere’s disease and how ear nurses can help.

  • Ear infections and what advice to give.

  • The connection between dementia and hearing loss.

  • 'Nasties' of the ear.

  • Grommets and how to manage them as an ear nurse.

We will create some resources related to the presentations for use in our clinics and further blog posts, so stay tuned!

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