Why are my ears ringing?

21 January 2022

Do you hear a ringing noise in your ear, even when the world is silent?

Most people will experience this, but only occasionally and for a few minutes. If it's consistent, then you're likely dealing with a condition called tinnitus.
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What is Tinnitus?

Tinnitus is a symptom that could indicate a problem or change in the hearing system, often suggesting hearing loss. It is characterised as noises or ringing ears when no such external physical noise is present. The sounds vary from person to person and can include hissing, clicking, whistling, and buzzing. Some people may hear the sounds in just one ear, while others experience sound in both.

Tinnitus can be temporary, or it can be chronic and persistent. For some, tinnitus is merely a nuisance. But for others, it can be so disturbing that it affects their ability to sleep, concentrate, work and relax. 

Tinnitus Causes

Tinnitus is caused by a change in the normal processing of background noise and begins with a change in the ear. The brain attempts to make sense of these changes, reorganising itself and turning up the internal volume control. Instead of rejecting tinnitus, the brain thinks it's a sound, hence the ringing.  

Ringing ears are more often than not, considered to be a symptom of other issues, as opposed to a disease in itself. Such issues may include:

  • Ear blocked by excessive ear wax

  • Middle ear infection or Eustachian tube problems

  • Damage to the inner ear hair cells - often form exposure to loud noises, or the normal ageing process

  • Damage to the neurons of the hearing nerve, originating from head and neck injuries

  • Stress

  • Raised blood pressure

  • Some medications

Tinnitus Cures

Treatment of tinnitus is dependent on its underlying causes. Once this is determined, many people notice less ear ringing by either addressing the issue or utilising alternative treatments that reduce the noise.  

If your tinnitus is occurring due to a build-up of earwax, then we highly recommend booking an appointment with one of our microsuction ear specialists. Removing any excessive ear wax can greatly alleviate symptoms, allowing you to work, focus and relax better.

Seeking microsuction ear wax removal is also recommended if you know that you're prone to wax build-up. Even if the wax isn't the cause of your tinnitus, removing blockages helps eliminate it as the source and enables doctors to clearly see the ear canal when investigating alternative causes. 

If you're really unsure of the underlying cause, it's always recommended that you seek advice from your GP. They'll be able to direct you our way for ear wax removal if needed.

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