Is there an insect in my ear?

25 August 2017
Ear Hygiene Clinic 123

What are the symptoms of an insect in your ear?

Common symptoms often include itchiness, pain and if a bite has occurred it can cause an infection.

Additional symptoms are:

  • a feeling of enlargement in the ear
  • swelling
  • hearing loss
  • pus or bleeding from the ear
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What to do if you get an insect bite in your ear canal?

A patient presented to Ear Hygiene Clinic with an itchy, infected and painful ear following an insect bite in the ear canal. It was suspected to be from a sandfly.

When asked about the events leading up to his visit, he explained that he had been out in his garden the week before his visit when the insect flew into his ear. He experienced increasing itchiness, followed by pain. His ear also started excreting a lot of dark coloured discharge. 

He went to the doctor, but as the doctor was unable to see inside his ear canal due to the discharge, he was referred to Ear Hygiene Clinic for a closer examination of his ear and micro-suction to clear the discharge. Once I had suctioned out the discharge and debris blocking the canal, it revealed not only an insect bite present inside his ear but also a perforation (hole in the eardrum). This perforation was likely caused by the infection from the sandfly bite. 

The doctor prescribed ear drops to assist in the treatment of the infection once the ear was cleared from the discharge. The gentleman will return to Ear Hygiene Clinic when his ear requires further micro-suction for cleaning out any more debris from the infection.


When to call Ear Hygiene Clinic?

If it's not possible to remove an insect from the ear at home, it is essential to see Ear Hygiene Clinic as soon as possible to prevent complications.

An insect left in the ear canal may continue to cause pain and sting, which could cause inflammation or an infection.

One of the EHC specialists will look inside your ear with an instrument called a microscope and safely remove any discharge using our safe micro-suction ear cleaning technique.

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