Ear care & Prevention

14 May 2017

Ear Care & Prevention

A big part of our work as Ear Nurses is to educate our clients on the best ways they can look after their ears. After all, prevention is always better than trying to find a cure.

Ear treatment close up

Below are some important tips to help you look after your ears.

  • Try not to use cotton buds. Ears are designed to self clean. If for some reason this is not happening adequately and wax accumulates, come in and see us for safe wax removal.
  • Avoid water in the ears. Ears prefer to be kept warm and dry. If you're a swimmer or a surfer, this is particularly important to reduce the chances of exostosis. If water does get into the ear canals, this can cause additional irritation, itchiness, and dryness by removing natural oils. After swimming or showering, use a hairdryer to assist in getting the canal dry. Blu-Tack in the ears also works well as an ear plug. Just put it into the entrance to your ear - it doesn't need to be pushed in (just remember to take it out afterwards!) 
  • Installation of a cooking oil (i.e. olive oil) into your ear once a week is always beneficial. This helps moisturise the skin in the ear and also takes away irritants. Any amount of oil into the canal is fine (you can't put too much in), and it can be done as often as you like. Your ears will love it. Read instructions of how to do this here.

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